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Louisville FBI Fingerprinting

What Is An FBI Fingerprint Check?

FBI Fingerprints are used by the FBI to positively identify people and cross reference their unique fingerprints to their criminal history. 

Most agencies and states require specific employees or personnel to submit their fingerprints to the FBI for an FBI background check. 

FBI Fingerprints are nothing more than one step of a greater process which ultimately is obtaining your full FBI background check report.

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Background check for international adoption

Background check for student visa's

Background check for court related matters

Background check for personal review

Background check for foreign travel

Background check for attorney requests

Reasons for FBI Fingerprinting

Why The FBI Requests Your Fingerprints

Under federal law, you can use your Identity History Summary to review, correct, or update your own personal record. Identity History Summaries are not to be used for employment or licensing. Questions on employment or licensing background checks should be directed to the State Identification Bureau for the state requiring the background check.