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Background Checks

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FBI Background Checks

Also referred to as "rap sheet", FBI Background Check is a summary of an individual’s criminal history or activity, and the information used in the report is composed of data from local enforcement, state, and federal agencies.

Be advised, although any company can require a background check as a necessity of potential employment, only you can request a summary of your criminal history from the FBI

An FBI Apostille is a background check that has received additional certification from the FBI. People who travel abroad to work or attend school may be asked to have documents apostilled as a requirement.Countries that are members of the Hague Convention require FBI Background Checks to be Apostilled.

Apostille Background Checks

FINRA Background Checks

Financial Authority Regulatory Industry (FINRA) is a self-governing corporation that represents financial investors in the United States. FINRA functions as an overseas broker-dealers to maintain the integrity of the financial markets.

FINRA background check is a check done by the corporation to make sure of the accuracy of an applicant’s U4 form, when applying for a position in the financial industry the form must be filled out by investment bankers. FINRA requires the information provided to be accurate and does this by requiring applicants to undergo a background check specific to FINRA.

Fingerprints and More offers ink fingerprinting on FINRA cards as well as electronic fingerprinting that gets submitted to FINRA digitally without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to get fingerprints taken?

The whole process is generally complete within 10 minutes of starting.

Who needs Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Many agencies and programs accept electronically submitted fingerprints for occasions such as adoption and gaining a firearm permit. Certain careers and professions will also require fingerprints as part of a background check. Some of these include nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and more.

Is Live Scan Fingerprinting messy?

No ink is used when doing live scan fingerprinting. You only need to touch a clean piece of glass to capture your images.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept any kind of credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.

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